Stay in tune. Sync your playlists.

You have multiple playlists on different music platforms? now you don't need to update each one separately. Keep them all synced in one click

I want to copy my playlists to other music platforms and keep them updated automatically
Are you using more than one music service? After you finish transferring your music, create a sync. From now on every change made in the source playlist will applied on the destination playlist automatically!
I am a curator. I want to publish my playlists on multiple platforms
No problem!
Stop jumping between music services! Manage all your playlists in your favorite platform and we will do the dirty work for you. Your followers don't need to use the same music service you use anymore. We will copy your playlists for you, you have more time for the creative work!
I want to copy other people's playlists and keep them updated automatically
Super easy!
Now you can follow playlists from other music services! Just transfer the playlist and create your own copy of the playlist and we will update the playlist for you with any new changes on a daily basis.

How does it work?

Once the transfer of your playlist to the destination is done simply click the Sync button.
Set the sync preferences of your choice and you're done.
Choose when your sync will run? How often it will run? In addition we have 2 methods of how the sync will behave: 1) Mirror, Keep both playlists exactly the same - New tracks will be added. Deleted tracks will be deleted 2) Add Only, New tracks will be added. Deleted tracks won't be deleted
Your playlists will be synced automatically according to your preferences
View all your synced playlists in one place
Go to my syncs page